We have always dealt with residential properties located
in the central areas of the cities, therefore we are able to
offer our customers only carefully properties

Who we are


We believe in the specialization for which we made this choice.

We exclusively manage residential real estate properties with a minimum value of one million euros located in the central areas of Italian and foreign cities.

This choice allows us to be very effective by having customers who are exclusively in our target.

Qualified and specialized personnel, maximum confidentiality, experience, commercial capacity and a single goal, the satisfaction of our customers.


“Real estate over
One Million Euros”

LUXURY HOUSE, was founded to be specialized in a precise target of the real estate sector. Specialization, our trump card. Our brand says it clearly, only luxury residences, starting from one million euros.

Only properties with prestigious characteristics located in exclusive areas of the most important cities and tourist places in Italy and in the world.

Luxury House is dedicated to demanding people.

We are waiting for you!

Davide Stasi



With Luxury House
live your dreams

To achieve our first objective, “the satisfaction of our customers”, we have concentrated our resources in the search for total quality of services.

The care and attention in identifying the real needs of customers are the prerequisites from which the services of our agency develop.

Request management

It manages purchase requests and the promotion of properties, cross-referencing supply and demand, allowing us to be timely in guaranteeing you our services and achieving results.

Customer protection

To protect the purchasing customer, Luxury House, thanks to an agreement with a leading company in the sector, carries out the real-time mortgage and cadastral situation of a property starting from 1986.

Relationship management with professionals

Architects, Legal Consultants, Notaries and Accountants in order to accompany the Client up to the notarial deed.

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